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Five Days Coding Challenge

Experience a holistic enrichment! Your child will be equipped with problem-solvingcomputational thinking skills.


Give your child a fun and engaging experience over 5 days. Code and Learn together! 

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Mobile Apps

Starting young...

You may think, 'Well, my daughter is still too young.' You will be surprised! Our youngest student is currently 7 years old.

Last month, a parent shared with us her son's experience. He wanted to continue an extra term because he enjoyed all the lessons. The best part was the class didn't take much time away from his studies.

A Sneak Peek of our Classes

Watch Asher create multiple projects in just a few lessons. Imagine your child being able to code and develop like him. Try out our Trial Class Today!

After a few lessons, our students are able to remember & apply concepts easily. 


Why algokids ?


Structured & Progressive

Every week, our student is
1. Learning a New Concept

2. Applying the Previous one 


Small Class Ratio

A small class size to ensure your child Gets The Attention he/she needs. 


Personalised Learning

Students are given Individual Step by Step Worksheets based on the projects they are working on. 


Game Development

Students will be creating a mix of retro & interactive games. Understand how game mechanism work and code the game from scratch!

Digital Maker

Equipped with a hardware device, students will be building hands-on project. Linking the software & hardware together.

App Development

Like an IOS developer, students will be developing real life applications. Design the User Interface (UI), code & test the User Experience (UX). 

See what other parents have to say about our program

“Benedict looks forward to his weekly coding class wt Coach Lim! Using a game concept, the lessons are taught in a fun manner where Benedict picks up the different coding techniques ... applying his thinking skills to complete the game task assigned. And he can’t wait to show us his creation after each lesson, where he will get us to play his game!”

- Mrs. Lee (Benedict's Mother)

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