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Special Promo: Free Coding Class

Discover how your child can shift from constantly playing games to eagerly creating their own!

​Check out this game created by our P2 student after his first class!

✅ Zero coding experience needed

✅ Perfect for beginners

What will my child will learn in this class?

👉🏻  Understand basics coding concepts.

👉🏻  Position and control the characters' velocity.

👉🏻  How to create interaction between characters.

👉🏻  Create an interactive game that even you can play.

At the end of this class, you will be amazed at how quickly your child can learn to code in just 1.5 hours!

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Sign my child up!

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Simply register below as we only have 12 limited slots in each month.

Here's why learning coding doesn't have to be complex...

Most parents think coding is too complex for their kids but we have successfully help hundreds of kids learn how to code with our proven approach.

Rather than working on countless of coding challenges, we incorporate project creation into our curriculum.

How we make learning coding FUN and EASY

Through our hands-on approach, your child will be introduced to coding concepts using simple drag and drop codes to create an interactive game that you can play too.


During the trial class, your child can instantly apply these concepts into their game. Alongside our dedicated instructor, your child will receive a worksheet as supplementary guide to aid his/her learning.

Our Approach

Our mission is to deliver engaging and high-quality coding classes for all students. We're dedicated to empowering students with the right guidance and resources, ensuring they feel confident in their coding journey.


Our curriculum at Algokids is designed with a modular approach, breaking down complex concepts into manageable and structured units. This allows students to grasp one concept before moving on to the next, ensuring a solid foundation and understanding.

Here's what some parents have to say about us:

Mr. Goh

"... extremely patient and good at making dull coding concepts come alive for my son to look forward to each and every coding lesson..."


"...The class is very interactive. I’ve never seen my son so excited during an online class..."

Mrs. Tan

"The trainer was extremely patient and well versed in what he’s teaching to handle a group of energetic boys..."


1. My child has no coding experience. Is this class suitable for him/her?

  • Yes. We designed this class to be suited for beginners with zero coding background. We have a proven and easy-to-follow curriculum. In fact, your child will be able to create a game by the end of the trial class.


2. How much is this class?

  • The trial class is absolutely free.

3. Where are the lesson held?

  • Our classes are held online in small groups.

4. Does my laptop need certain requirements?

  • No. Most laptops work well as we are using web based applications.

5. When are the lesson dates and timings?

  • Click the yellow buttons below and register with your contact details. We will reach out to you shortly. 

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