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Journey through the Digital Universe

Welcome to an immersive adventure that goes beyond gaming. This November, we have Three Unique Workshops that are designed to ignite your child's curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking skills. Supercharge your child's coding skills with us!

Proven Online | Guaranteed Fun & Easy | Multiple Days | Small Class Size

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  • Game Development & 3D Projects


Dates (Time: 9am to 12pm)

  • 23 Nov to 24 Nov 

  • 30 Nov to 01 Dec

  • 07 Dec to 08 Dec

  • 14 Dec to 15 Dec

Early Bird Pricing:



7 to 8

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  • Game & Mobile App Development

  • 3D Animation & Projects


Dates (Time: 9am to 12pm)

  • 20 Nov to 22 No

  • 27 Nov to 29 Nov

Early Bird Pricing:



9 to 12




  • Roblox Game Design

  • Lua Scripting

Dates (Time: 9am to 12pm)

  • 04 Dec to 06 Dec 

  • 11 Dec to 13 Dec

Early Bird Pricing:



10 to 14 

Here’s what your child will experience 

  • Experience programming with real-life educational scenarios using a block programming language

  • Challenge themselves by coding one or two projects every day using different software.

  • Learn about the exciting world of technology, computers.

  • Spark curiosity and creativity and let your child create anything they want!

Key Learning Outcomes
  • Understand coding fundamentals such as loops, events, conditionals and variables

  • Hone computational thinking skills

  • Hands on with app design or game development process

  • Assemble and program a robot to carry out tasks

  • Build, code and explore your own Roblox world

  • Is there a free trial class? Is it necessary?
    Of course! Kindly drop us a message via WhatsApp and we can schedule a class from there. The trial class is necessary for us to assess your child's knowledge so we can customise our curriculum accordingly.
  • Does my child require any prior experience?
    No experience is required at all. Our apprentice programme is designed for students to learn effectively even without prior coding knowledge.
  • How can I prepare for class?
    An individual laptop with webcam so that our teachers can interact with your child! We will highly recommend a quiet place with a great wifi so that your child can stay focused too. Some students work extremely well with earpiece so that they will be less distracted. If the lessons require any additional educational equipments, we will ship them to your household prior to the class.
  • Can I accompany my child for lessons?
    Definitely. In the first few lessons, students tend to require a little assistance from the parents with logging in and setting up the online classroom. Once they get familiarise with joining a class online, students will be able to attend their classes independently.
  • What is the duration of each class?
    Each class will take one and a half hour lesson on a weekly basis.
  • How can I track the progression of my child?
    Every teacher will be noting the progression of your child after every class. The main teacher will oversee this progression and advice Students will be tasked to do a presentation to share more
  • We will be travelling for some time. How can I reschedule for make up lessons?
    Kindly inform us at least 3 weeks in advance, so that we can make the necessary arrangements. Students may attend a separate class doing the same courseware. If there are no available class, we will make arrangements for a separate make up class.
  • My child is unable to continue with this timeslot. How can I change to another timing?
    Kindly have a look at the other available timeslots that we have and let us know which one is suitable for your child.
  • How can I reach out to algokids?
    Drop us an email at or call/message us at +65 8761 3561
  • Is my child to young to learn coding?
    Local schools in Singapore have incorporated a compulsory ten hours lesson for students aged 7 to 12. Our courses are designed for children as young as 7. However, this is simply a guideline, as that is when most children gain enough understanding in natural languages and general knowledge. Children as young as 5 can understand Computational Thinking through non-text teaching methods. If your child is already ahead of their peers, simply contact us and we will advise you on each individual child.
  • How are we different from the rest?
    Algokids is creating an evolving curriculum that will involve kids in not just coding. We are on a mission to bring forth the applications of coding so that students can create, build and develop whatever they can imagine. With a curriculum that packed with so many fun filled activities, we are excited to bring forth a unique spread of enriching educational lessons to your child so that he or she will be able to appreciate the technologies around us. Moreover with a small class ratio, students can be closely monitored to ensure that they are able to learn effectively and grow as a problem solver.
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